Versa Spray Tan Packages

Fox Valley Tanning only uses the most premium solution available to ensure the best spray tan anywhere.


$20 - 2 Sprays
Free spray for each new client referral

VersaSpa Packages
$20...1 spray session (level 1 or 2)
$23...1 spray session (level 3)
$25...1 spray session (any level w/prep or moisturizer)
$49...3 spray sessions (level 1,2,or 3)
$59...3 spray sessions (any level w/prep or moisturizer)
$8...1 face or legs spray
$19...3 face or legs sprays

Monthly VersaSpa Packages
$69...30 days Unlimited Spray Sessions
$59...30 days Unlimited Renewal
$59...30 days 6 Spray Sessions Max.
$49...30 days 6 Spray Renewal

VersaSpa/Mystic HD Membership
$69...1 Year VersaSpa Membership Fee
$39...150 VersaSpa Membership Fee

Achieve your darkest tan with The Ultimate Spray!
A Tan that can last over 10 days.